Throwback Thursday

Throwback Video of Heather
You may be asking yourself why I would be crazy enough to share this embarrassment of riches otherwise known as my audition tape for Temple University's student news.
Freezy Freakies are Making a Come Back!
I just squealed like the little girl I was when I first had a pair of Freezy Freakies back in the 80's!  The gloves, plain and boring until they came into contact with frigid air, are making a comeback! It's a Throwback Thursday miracle!
Throwback Thursday Preview [VIDEO]
We live for Thursdays on SoJO!  Every Thursday is Throwback Thursday, and we play your old school requests from morning till night!  Here's a preview of what you can expect tomorrow, and if you want to get us your song ideas, list them in the comments section below, or hashtag them on…

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