America, We’re Not the Friendliest [SURVEY]
To be fair, we're not the unfriendliest either.  A new poll conducted by the World Economic Forum has ranked 140 nations based on the “attitude of population toward foreign visitors.” If you like to travel you may want to consider Iceland or Austria, rather than…
‘Morning After’ Wedding Photos…A Do or A Don’t? [POLL]
I've known about bride's being photographed as pin-up girls as a groom's gift to their husband-to-be.  Several of my friends have had some beautiful portraits taken for 'his eyes only'.  I've also seen some really artsy baby bump photos.  But the newest trend in wedding photography is something more…
Which Shirt Is The Worst? [POLL]
All three Jonas Bros. have committed a major fashion faux pas with these dress shirt choices.  But who's is the most criminal?  Nick (left in checkers), Kevin (center in two-tone chambray), or Joe (right in butterfly)?
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