We all have suffered at times from those unsolicited texts that come to your phone, and it seems to have reached a new high for being a nuisance on our personal life.  The numbers have proven this out as the S.F. Chronicle reported yesterday, that 2011 saw a 45% increase in Spam text messages.

It may be scary to know that 4.5 Billion (yes, 4,500,000,000) spam texts were sent out last year.  First these unwelcome messages clogged your e-mail Inbox for two decades.  The process was amped up another level with the jump to handsets, as more people use smart phones in place of personal computers and texting is now the norm in the world today (no matter what age you are).

This surge is costing carriers money and frustrating users, who must pay for the messages and deal with the influx of potentially fraudulent texts.  Fact is that "spammers" can get phone numbers from the Internet, or use software or websites to randomly generate thousands or even millions of numbers in any particular area code.

Phone carriers are collaborating on a new anti-spam effort - sinking billions into anti-spam and mobile-security software.  What is this going to mean for us?

Spam may be controlled, but at what cost?  Which is worse - annoying spam, or higher prices on phone packages?  We should not have to pay for this, but don't we always seem to in the end result?