Who knew these inflatable animal costumes would come in so handy?

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Aw, HUGS! Remember those? They seem like a luxury we'll never take for granted once this pandemic passes.

Maureen Sweeney, a grandmother from Cinnaminson who hadn't been able to able to hug her grandsons in almost two months because of the coronavirus outbreak, dressed up like a giant, pink unicorn over Memorial Day Weekend so she could safely embrace them again, according to NJ.com.

At first, 7-year-old Rylan and 4-year-old Lincoln didn't realize who was inside the costume, until they heard their grandma's voice.

A video of their reunion was posted to NJ.com's YouTube channel, and we couldn't help but cry happy unicorn tears watching. Maureen is quite the magical grandmother, and we're OBSESSED with that rainbow tail, lol. All she needs is a mic and karaoke machine and she could compete on The Masked Singer!

Sweeney reportedly has other grandchildren so,  once she's disinfects her inflatable unicorn costume, she'll visit them, too! They're some lucky kids.

Recently, sales of inflatable hippopotamus costumes have spiked, but we're WAY more amused by a giant pink unicorn, lol. I mean, it's a UNICORN. Lol.

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