The retail business isn't alone with the slew of closings that happened in 2017 and will continue to happen in 2018. Just in case you missed it, the iconic children's museum has closed its doors for good.

According to Shore New Today, The Jersey Shore Children's Museum, located in the Hamilton Mall, officially closed its doors on December 31st due to lack of funding.

The museum first opened in 1998 and was originally located on Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township, before moving to the Shore Mall and eventually winding up at the Hamilton Mall.

I use to always take my boys to the Fire Road location whenever I had to bring them into work, since the museum was just around the corner from our studios. Going to the museum was always the deciding factor on whether they came with me or not.

I can still see my boys running through the museum. My son Josh used to love to play in the store set up and my son Matt would always pretend to be on air, like his dad, in the TV section.


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