A bill that would place a smoking ban on Wildwood and North Wildwood's boardwalk is now heading for a full city council vote.

According to Mayor Ernie Troiano, the smoking ban will be placed on the boardwalk, ramps to the boardwalk and steps leading up to the beach. BUT, smoking on the beach will still be permitted.

Believe me, I was just as confused until Mayor Troiano explained to CBS Philly:

"You know how large our beach is, [sic] Why enforce a law or enact a law you can’t enforce? The fact our beach is so big you’d have to put an army of police officers or inspectors down there."

OKAY, pretty good point he has there. So far it seems residents are on board with the smoke ban. If the law is passed, it'll go into effect summer 2018.

What do you think about Jersey Shore towns placing a smoke ban on beaches and parks? Happy about it? Annoyed? Let us know your thoughts!

Watch the video from CBS Philly below:

Source: CBS Philly

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