Be still our hearts: Ed Sheeran performed 'Stay With Me' with Sam Smith in Manchester, England last night (Oct. 29). And there's video.

While just the concept alone was enough to send us into what was basically a fit of hysteria, the actual performance was just so much more. Here's how it went down:

As Sam Smith is belting out the end of the first chorus, Ed Sheeran slyly appears on stage, immediately causing the audience to start shrieking at the top of their lungs. In fact, the screams are so loud and go on for so long that it's kind of hard to hear the 'Thinking Out Loud' singer croon out the next verse. Nevertheless, the crowd eventually got over the shock and we could hear the sweet sounds of a Sam Smith/Ed Sheeran collab -- which was, quite literally, music to our ears.

Of course, both singers seemed to feed off of the audience's reaction, inviting them to sing along on the chorus, which they crooned with ease. Sigh.

Check out Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith performing 'Stay With Me' above, and for an added bonus, you can watch Ed covering the hit by himself by clicking the blue button below.

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