Happy weekend, PopCrushers! Start your Friday night off right with the latest installment of the PopCrush Mini-Mix, featuring remixed pop tracks from some of our favorite artists like Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Pharrell and more. Turn it up!

If there is one thing better than Ed Sheeran's fast-paced 'Sing,' it's that same track infused with some slow jam beats -- the perfect way to kick off PopCrush Mini-Mix 12! Pairing such an up-tempo song with a slow jam may seem a little strange at first, but the combination totally works and gives the track an entirely new vibe. The playlist then transitions into Tiesto's 'Red Lights,' which gets the club-like treatment with some heavy, vibrating beats that are sure to get the party started.

The mix then switches into a sped-up version of Lorde's 'Team,' backed by the same fast-paced background tracks that transition the tune from a more alternative hit to an EDM-like anthem. And since no weekend playlist would be complete without Pharrell's 'Happy,' everybody's favorite feel-good jam comes up next, pumping out electric beats which soon tie into Disclosure's hit 'Latch,' featuring Sam Smith.

PopCrush Mini-Mix 12 closes with John Legend's iconic 'All of Me,' but with an EDM twist, and fades out with the thumping of addictive and vibrant beats.

Listen to PopCrush Mini-Mix 12 above, and check out the track list below!

Ed Sheeran, 'Sing'
Tiesto, 'Red Lights'
Lorde, 'Team'
Pharrell, 'Happy'
Disclosure, 'Latch'
John Legend, 'All of Me'