Pennsville police and fire departments in partnership with Wawa raise $3,000 for three children that survived after their mother's tragic death.

During a competition at Wawa's Friday store opening, each department had to build as many hoagies as possible in 3 minutes. Each department received $1,000 to donate for their choosing. says they chose the children of Seema Singh, who was allegedly stabbed 30 times by her husband Nitin P. Singh in July. The husband and father was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for Seema's death.

Officials, Wawa, and the neighborhood felt the children could use the money especially after experiencing something so traumatizing.

For now the children remain in the custody of a local family, and are expected to start school soon.

Such a heartwarming act of kindness on behalf of the community, local officials in Pennsville and Wawa.

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