After two long hours, police finally arrest their suspect.


A two hour police chase last night began in Oaklyn, Camden County.  According to 6ABC, Police ran the suspect's license plate and 'discovered there was a warrant out for the driver's arrest due to an armed robbery in Gloucester Township. He allegedly used a shotgun.'


Update:  The question is, what exactly was he stealing? Robert Ritter, of Blackwood had indeed stolen underwear.  $10.50 worth of underwear from a Shop Rite in Brooklawn.  Although he has an extensive violent criminal history, Robert led a dramatic two hour police chase in two different states over the underwear he stole.  Thankfully, no officers were hurt during the chase.  Once again, here is sequence of events that took place Monday night:


Police say the white van left Oaklyn and went over the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The vehicle then went on I-95 south in Pennsylvania, off at Bartram Avenue, back on I-95 North, off at Broad, back onto I-95 North and back over the Walt Whitman into New Jersey.


The driver then went into Deptford, and even stopped at the Deptford Mall.  He then circled again and went back to Philadelphia.  This time, he crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge into Old City.


The chase finally ended in Southwest Philadelphia  on Island and Enterprise avenues.  The cops tipped the van, causing it to roll over.  So, in short, the two hour police chase started in South Jersey, then went into to Philadelphia, then back to South Jersey, and then back again to Philadelphia.


Got it?  Here's more from 6ABC to make things even more interesting:



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