Police have the driver of a car that drove down the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps made famous in the movie "Rocky" in custody.

Pickup drives on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps
Car  drives on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps (YouTube)

WPVI TV reports the unidentified man turned himself in after the video went viral in a matter of hours since the midnight incident. The unidentified man says that he was parked at the top of the museum stairs and his car rolled backwards.

When it got to the midway point he guided it down the rest of the stairs. He then drove off.


Cars can easily get to the top of the steps via a promenade entrance.

Hugh Dillon, a photographer who runs the local entertainment website PhillyChitChat, posted one of the videos. He says he lives nearby and happened on the incident. "At first I couldn' believe it," Dillon told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I was a little nervous. I thought he was going to roll." He says the driver knew what he was doing and was smiling broadly and took a victory lap before driving off.

The driver could face citations for numerous offenses, including reckless driving and driving on the sidewalk.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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