Gossip blogger Perez Hilton, whose famously misogynistic blog was popular at the height of Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy in the mid-2000s, is feuding with Demi Lovato once again. And this time, Mariah Carey is involved — well, sorta.

The digital drama erupted Monday (July 25) after Lovato cryptically tweeted at Hilton, "Do something with your life." (The tweet has since been deleted.)

After a curious user asked what "was happening," the blogger responded that the "upset" pop star had sent him a private message after he liked tweets referencing comments she had made about Carey's treatment of artists like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez back in June.

He then proceeded to call the singer "petty" for messaging him and asking him to "let it go already." Hilton then published his and Lovato's private discussion for all the world to see on Twitter and Instagram in an effort to expose her Kim Kardashian-style.

But expose her for what, precisely?

In Lovato's DMs, the pop star (understandably) expresses her frustration over Hilton's seeming support of her supposed feud with Carey. She then tells him, "It's unnecessary and the type of s*** that made me unfollow you."

After the blogger shared screenshots of their one-on-one exchange, a #PerezExposedDemiParty hashtag began trending on Twitter, with some using it to drag the "Confident" singer for voicing her feelings in a private space. Others, like us, were left wondering, "Where is the exposure?"

Here's the thing about "exposing" someone: There has to be something to expose.

Whether it's an ulterior motive, a lie, or simply two-faced behavior, to "expose" is to uncover and make something known in an effort to bring some sort of justice. In Hilton's case, he didn't uncover anything about Lovato; he simply (and unethically) shared her private messages with the world, likely to humiliate her.

In the case of Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift's now-iconic — or should we say, in-"Famous"? — feud, the difference is that an otherwise private conversation was made public after one party seemed to repeatedly misrepresent their conversation.

Here, the only person Perez Hilton exposed was himself. And in the words of Kardashian, "Theres a BIG difference between shading someone and speaking the truth!"

Do you think the "almost 40" father of two was right to share a private message publicly, or was Demi out of line? Weigh in.

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