Atlantic City's casino workers just can not catch a break! Not only do locals in the casino industry have to worry about casino closings and gaming competition from other states, they also have to work a lot harder to keep their "work-love balance ", according to a new study. 

Using data on divorce rates and job stress, created a list of careers that make the work-love life balance a lot harder.

The site explains simply that casinos (for the most part) are opened every single day of the year, 24 hours a day. Employees at these establishments often find themselves working odd shifts and even holidays.

Additionally, casino workers are constantly surrounded by alcohol, gambling and other temptations, which can also lead to stress in a relationship.

"A 2010 study of Census data published by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology found that gaming services workers had one of the highest divorce rates relative to other occupations. With a divorce rate of 31.4% (34.7% for gaming cage workers), this is exceptionally high when compared to the roughly 16% of Americans across all occupations who had been divorced or separated at the time of the data collection. And, to top it all off, gaming services workers are only paid a median salary of around $27,000 per year, per estimates."

Other jobs that put stress on relationships include, massage therapists, waiter or bartender, and an athlete or entertainer.

Read even more on the reasons behind these 'high stressed' jobs, here.


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