Not exactly the lane you've been in for the last however many years or so, Wawa, but we're here for it.

If you haven't checked out Wawa's social media in a while, you might've missed Wawa's latest release. No, we're not talking about the return of pumpkin spice. Actually, this one, you'll wear on your feet. Now, we know that clothing and accessories aren't the first purchases you dream about making at Wawa when you wake up in the morning, however they've already got merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies floating around.

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Well, they've even topped those. Introducing Wawa sneakers. Yep, sneakers. From Wawa. They're a thing. Guess what? You can win them.

Wawa is hosting a contest on their Instagram in which you could score a pair of Wawa sneakers. They're a whole vibe, so it's a shame you can't purchase them anywhere. All you have to do to get yourself qualified to score the sneakers is follow the directions they've posted recently on their Instagram. Don't even bother heading over to their other social media pages; they all say to check out Wawa's Instagram.

The sweepstakes is a partnership with Garrixon Studios, a company that designs shoes based out of Philadelphia. Garrixon conceptualized the sneaker and saw the design through to fruition. Red & white with blue laces & Wawa. YEAH! America, baby.

You can enter the contest by going to Wawa's Instagram or clicking on the link below:

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