In an analogy meant to discourage large gatherings amid the pandemic, the state of New York compared them to New Jersey bagels: 'Avoid them at all costs'.

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Now, I can't really think of when, if ever, I've had a New York bagel, so maybe I don't have a leg to stand on here. I can't really count any I've had from a Starbucks in Manhattan. Packaged bagels are not REAL bagels, in my opinion, lol.

But, I will go to the mattresses for Sharky's Bagels in Blackwood and any Hot Bagels location along the Jersey shore. They are EPIC. Especially Sharky's. They're so light and fluffy. I die for their French Toast bagel which doesn't end up feeling like a rock in your stomach.

So, I ask you, do bagels from New York trump bagels from New Jersey? And, if so, steer me in the right direction. Because I'll happily take the drive to taste test some of your suggestions. Take our poll below, and if you've got a NY bagel spot you love, post it in the comments section below.

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