Sometimes a new trend arises that makes the general population scratch their heads, this is one of them. Honeymoons have been taken by newlyweds for generations, but now the game is changing. An article by The New York Times brought light on a possible new wedding trend, the solo honeymoon.

Rather than going on vacation with your new husband or wife after your wedding, you go on separate trips. This seems to be counterintuitive. A Dublin couple took a very lovely honeymoon, well two different honeymoons separately.

According to The New York Times article, "After their wedding, Ms. O’Brien celebrated in Canada, while Mr. Maclaine and his friends flew to France." The groom wanted to watch the Northern Ireland soccer team in the European Championship and the bride wasn't keen on that idea. After their wedding in 2016 the couple went their separate ways and honeymooned without the other.

Many couples are forced to take solo honeymoons when work gets in the way. The article reported on three couples that either took full solo honeymoons or honeymoons that turned into solo honeymoons because of work.

Are these solo honeymoons a good idea for newlyweds?

The New York Times reported, "Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, which conducts research on relationships, said she thinks that taking separate honeymoons — for any reason — is a big mistake."

Big shocker there.

Fisher went on to say that there are three brain systems that are triggered when they go on vacation together: sex drive, romantic love, and feelings of deep attachment. If couples take solo honeymoons, those three go out the window.

However, psychologist Lisa Marie Bobby stated, "While taking separate honeymoons may seem extreme, highly individuated couples may view their independence and separate experiences as a strength of their relationship."

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