Is anyone else having a major Rocket Power flashback?!

After ten years of pushing, a skate park is finally open in the Atlantic City area on Sovereign Avenue site.

This effort has been lead by the nonprofit Skate AC which has one mission: to get the community back on their boards. (Otto and Reggie would be so proud.)

A few of the areas of the park that had graffiti was actually left to show the park's past almost representing how long it has been part of the community so that fact is never forgotten.

It has taken years for this park to be approved and even had a GoFundMe Page created under Skate AC a whopping $12,000 which even included donations from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Philadelphia skate company.

Now that it is open -- GET OUT THERE PEOPLE!

Is there a skate-equivalent of saying "Surfs up, dude" that exists?

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