The New Jersey Fishermen who caught a 236 pound tuna during the White Marlin Open may now get an extra $2.3 million.


About two weeks ago, Trenton police officer Brian Suschke, firefighter Rich Kosztyu and boater Damien Romeo won after they caught a 236.5 pound tuna during the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, MD. Since their fish set new records in the tuna category, they received a pretty good sum for it!

Now, it could be even more since winners from the white marlin category may be forfeited from their 2.8 million winnings, *gasps*.

Turns out, the fisherman failed a mandatory polygraph exam done after the catch. As a result, the White Marlin Open has filed a court action against them.

If the court decides against the white marlin winners, the New Jersey fishermen will now earn $2.3 million dollars EXTRA. The final $500,000 will be split among the other winners.

I know what you're thinking, why not just give it to someone else in the category? Apparently, there was only one fish that qualified for their category.




These New Jersey fishermen basically got close to $3 million for their large catch.

I have to start fishing immediately! A girl's got bills to pay!

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