Growing up in Georgia, one form of punishment in school was paddling. It was only used in extreme cases, but was a strong deterrent to acting up in class.

What if New Jersey allowed paddling in school?

Andrey Burmakin

I doubt it would happen any time soon, but some school districts in Texas are bringing back this corporal punishment, and many parents are cool with it.

According to, 19 states allow corporal punishment and most of them are in the South and Midwest. Obviously, not New Jersey.

As a parent, I would be perfectly fine with having it in school. Like I said, I went to a school that allowed it and it was more of a deterrent and hardly ever used.

During my entire schooling in Georgia, I only remember a student getting paddled once and that was in middle school. Many of the teachers display their paddle on the wall behind their desk, as a reminder to do what you're told and behave yourself.

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