Believe it or not, I once met Blake AND Miranda in the same setting.  I can share this story with you now, because I think I called this break up seven years ago.


I was at a bar in Memphis.  There were tons of radio personalities and record executives  walking around.  It's not hard to spot Blake Shelton, after all he's only 8 feet tall.  Anyways, I mustered up enough courage to say 'Hello, I appreciate your music.'  I thought that was going to be the extent of it.  A smile and a nod, maybe a handshake was pretty much all I was going to get in return.  I didn't get that, instead, I drank an entire beer with Blake Shelton.


Blake and I talked about a show he was doing for NBC (it was some sort of choir competition show, it was way before The Voice was launched).  We talked about Country and Americana music.  We talked about Oklahoma (I've never been there, but Blake told me some stories).  We talked about twitter, women, alcohol, and BBQ.  It was by far one of the coolest conversations I ever had in my career, however, I got the impression that Miranda didn't think it was very cool.


The moment Blake asked me where I was from, Miranda looked at me like she was going to bite my head off. I deeply respected her time, and naturally I wanted to retreat.  I didn't want to be 'one of those fans' that kept talking to their idols.  But Blake just talking, and so did I.  By the time we started talking beer, Miranda was now looking at me like I had a booger hanging out of nose.  Who knows, I probably did.


I love Miranda Lambert's music.  I've even met and interviewed her a few times.  She was always nice.  Maybe that night wasn't a good night.  I just got the impression that Blake was trying to talk to me to avoid an issue with his then Girlfriend (it was 2008, and she wasn't married to him yet).


I ended up riding the elevator up with them.  Blake and I were wrapping up our conversation, and Miranda still wasn't talking.  The elevator stopped at their floor, we said our good byes, and they walked away.  Before the door closed, I can hear Blake ask Miranda the classic guilty man one word question: 'What?'


I respect any couple's privacy during a break up or a divorce, and will still continue to do that.  But I can't help but laugh that I was a part of some sort of roller coaster ride.


Best of luck to you both.  Yee Haw.