The 2013 ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer returns to the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club on May 27-June 2!  One of the best golfers in the world has already circled those dates.....


Like most athletes, Stacy began practicing her sport at a very early age.   She started playing golf at the age of 8, but had some obstacles to over come.


Stacy had multiple sclerosis.  Forced to wear a back brace 18 hours a day for seven and a half years, she would only take off the brace to play golf and sleep. She ended up getting back surgery during her senior year in high school.


Despite her setbacks, her parents encouraged to continue on.  She made the University of Arkansas golf team, played in Africa, and joined the LPGA Tour.


While playing in Japan in 2012, Stacy saw the destruction Hurricane Sandy was making on the Jersey Shore.


Stacy immediately called her agents and started to brainstorm ways to help those who were impacted by the Hurricane.   In November 2012, the LPGA superstar donated $20,000 to the Community Foodbank of New Jersey's Southern Branch.


Whether you're a Golf fan or not, you have to appreciate the generosity that came from Stacy.  The message she learned through out her childhood of of 'never giving up' was spoken loud and clear to the residents impacted by Sandy.


After hearing her extraordinary story, and learning about her generosity, I will be routing for her in the upcoming tournament.