With me living on the beach, I find that the the biggest challenge isn't the hurricanes, but the parking!  My apartment complex doesn't have a parking lot, so I'm forced to find a spot on the street.  Surprisingly, the parking situation is an even bigger problem than I thought for the Jersey Shore...


Depending on what town you live in, if you live on the Jersey Shore, chances are you have to paint your own white line that mark off driveway entrances from parking spots.


Ocean City residents have nothing to worry about, as public works takes care of the painting.  Police in Margate also help the parking confusion by clearly painting where to park.


However, in Ventnor, residents are apparently held responsible.  I live near Ventnor, and I have never seen a resident paint a parking spot on the street.  That's probably why parking in Ventnor is a pain.


It's always funny when I see cars parked in people's yards during the holidays too.


So which Jersey Shore town has the worst parking situation?  Whichever town ends up winning this battle, well, let's just say it's not gonna be an amazing win.