Many venues have been adding areas for people with autism. Multiple sports stadiums have added them over the past years and now restaurants have followed suit. In a few weeks an Ocean County restaurant will be opening an area designed for guests with autism. Monica Hmielewski, the manager of Riv's Toms River Hub, wanted to create an autism-friendly space for her son.

Hmielewski's son Chase is 6-years-old and has autism. She understands how it can be difficult to go out to a restaurant. She wants to make sure kids and adults like Chase and their families to have an enjoyable experience at the restaurant with the sensory-friendly room.

News 12 New Jersey spoke with Hmieleski who said, "Chase doesn't speak yet so he'll make noises, and we've sat in a restaurant where Chase is talking and there's a table staring."

The room will be accommodating to children on all ends of the spectrum, according to News 12. The site reported that, "The dining room will also have its own entrance, dimmer lights and soundproof walls."

They were able to test out just how soundproof the room is while a band was performing in the main dining area. The band was unable to be heard from inside of the room.

The servers will undergo extensive training and the restaurant will hold special events for families in the new room.

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