Listener Patricia in Galloway told us that she was proposed to by her boyfriend of 8 years and she said YES! But something was missing...He did all the traditional things like asking her father for permission, getting down on one knee, and doing it at a very romantic place.

He just never gave her a ring.

Patricia said she was so swept up in the moment, when it happened, she didn't even think about there being no ring. He has a very good job and makes plenty of money, so that isn't the issue.

It's been 3 weeks since he proposed, now she doesn't know how to bring the subject up to him about, "where's my ring?"

Her girlfriends have been asking to see "the ring" and it's awkward and she doesn't know what to say to her girlfriends.

Is this a bad sign that he never gave her a ring? Is he really committed? Should Patricia say something to her fiance about the non-ring?


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