Rockabye baby has got a whole new meaning.

Mother Monster is trying to appeal to her Little Monsters' Little-er monsters, but it's got me intrigued as well.

'Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga' is the latest project from Lady Gaga, and it is an interesting one to say the least. The album features calming, childlike, instrumental lullaby renditions of some of her biggest hits, like "Born This Way," "Bad Romance," "Poker Face" and "The Edge of Glory."

The album is comprised of songs ranging from 'The Fame' to 'Joanne,' and some of even the more club-friendly tracks get the sleepy-time soothing treatment as well.

Check out the track list below. The album releases September 21st.

  1. “Born This Way”
  2. “The Edge of Glory”
  3. “Bad Romance”
  4. “Poker Face”
  5. “Just Dance”
  6. “Alejandro”
  7. “Paparazzi”
  8. “Telephone”
  9. “Perfect Illusion”
  10. “Applause”
  11. “You and I”

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