Semper Fi!

Katy Perry enlists in the Marines in her new video for ‘Part of Me,’ a song from ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ (fans can preorder it here), where she celebrates her independence after a relationship gone bad. Here, we get Perry in warpaint, camouflage fatigues, helmets and brandishing a gun.

There’s one thing that we can say about our gal Katy and her vids and it’s that she is not afraid to undergo a major transformation for the sake of her art. One needn’t look any further than the clip for ‘The One That Got Away,’ where she morphed into a senior citizen courtesy of lots of makeup or the video for ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),’ where she regressed into a frizzy-haired nerd with head gear, glasses and zero sense of style. Unless you consider geek chic a legit style, of course.

The vid starts with Perry in a car, looking at her locket while spying on her lover, named Jason, who is flirting with a co-worker. Oh hell no! She ain’t having any of that, so she storms into his office, says, “You are such a liar” and slams the necklace on the desk and storms out. She drives away in a Volvo.

Looking all cute with her formerly signature black hair and a denim jacket paired with a dress and boots, she hits the gas station and sees a bumper sticker that reads “All women are created equal. Then some become Marines” posted on a cork board at a gas station.

She’s inspired to ditch the dress, chop off her hair, tape down her breasts, put on a hoodie and enlist. They say the Marine Corps will break you down only to build you back up again and Perry is already broken down (and broken hearted) in this video. Now it’s time for the restoration of self. We follow Katy to boot camp, where she’s doing drills, acting all tough as nails, burning her ex’s letters while she storms the beaches and brandishes weapons.

The video ends with her intense stare, paint on her face. This is one chick you don’t wanna mess with. Relationships can be a battlefield, and Katy-in-fatigues certainly makes that point very clear.

The few. The proud. The Perry.

Watch Katy Perry ‘Part of Me’ Video