A new survey has been released listing the least desirable cities to live in on $100,000/year and three locations in New Jersey made the cut -- one ranking in the top 40.

Some 3,000 people were recently asked where they would not want to live on such an annual income (it wasn't that long ago that you could live quite comfortably on $100K/year, but those days seem to be long gone).

Editors at couponbirds.com said, "an annual salary of $100,000 sounds like quite a lot of money, particularly when the average US salary is $53,490 per year. However, it is relative depending on your purchasing power."

In other words, $100,000 is going to go a heck of a lot farther if you live in Dodge City, Kansas, compared to LA or New York City.

A prime example of that is the city at the top of the list: Palm Beach, FL.

Palm Beach FL - Photo: Google Maps
Palm Beach FL - Photo: Google Maps

Palm Beach, Florida is an expensive city to live in due to its high cost of real estate, exclusive location, high cost of goods and services, and high property taxes. The city is known for its luxury homes, condos, and apartments, which are some of the most expensive in the country, as well as its reputation as a luxury destination with high-end restaurants and upscale retail stores.

Rounding out the top 5

2. Wailea, HI
3. Hilton Head Island, SC
4. Isle of Palms, SC
5. New York City

I think it's safe to say that just about everyone in New Jersey knows how expensive New York City is -- and that was fifth on the list. Those other four cities are more expensive than that, apparently.

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As for the Garden State, three cities appear on the list.

111. Mountainside, Union County

Mountainside NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Mountainside NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Residents of Mountainside enjoy a high quality of life, with excellent schools, a low crime rate, and access to numerous amenities and recreational opportunities. However, the relatively high cost of living in the area may make it less accessible for some individuals or families.

If you want to live close enough to New York City but still be away from it all, Mountainside is pretty expensive and $100,000/year probably isn't going to cut it.

100. Englewood Cliffs, Bergen County

Englewood Cliffs NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Englewood Cliffs NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Englewood Cliffs is home to a wealthy and affluent community, with many high-income earners living in the area. The high cost of living is reflective of the high standard of living that many residents expect and enjoy. Finally, the location of Englewood Cliffs is also a factor contributing to its high cost of living.

Again, since Englewood Cliffs is right across the Hudson River from New York City, you'll be living an almost-NYC lifestyle on almost-NYC prices.

38. Palisades Park, Bergen County

Cue the Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon song...

Palisades Park NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Palisades Park NJ - Photo: Google Maps

The city is situated close to New York City and is popular with commuters, which has driven up the cost of housing. Additionally, the city has a limited supply of affordable housing, which can make it difficult for lower-income residents to find suitable housing. The city is located in a relatively affluent area, and as such, many of the goods and services in the area are relatively expensive. Additionally, the city has a relatively high sales tax rate, which can further add to the cost of goods and services.

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