The New Year is not even 6 days old and Atlantic City, New Jersey has more murders than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Atlantic City is gaining a very dangerous reputation.

It has been reported to me that a young boy, (likely 14 or 15 years old) has died from a a gunshot wound to the head.

I have also been told that another child was shot in the leg.

These are the facts as reported to me. On Friday night, January 5, 2023, following a youth basketball game … a home was previously rented for a party.

An argument ensued and it then spilled into the streets of Atlantic City … beginning in the Sovereign and Boston Avenue area.

Ultimately, the police crime scene stretched from Arctic to Pacific and from Montpelier to Boston Avenues … that were blocked off by the Atlantic City Police Department … Who did a great job in a nearly impossible and dangerous situation.

There was a large Atlantic City Police presence, consisting of 35 to 40 police vehicles that were all on the scene at the same time.

It’s the largest Atlantic City Police presence at one scene that many people had ever heard of before.

Our sources advised that Atlantic City Police Officers were actively and skillfully trying to de-escalate the dangerous situation.

i have been advised that In real time, the Atlantic City Police Department was trying to reach the Atlantic City anti-violence staff, believing that they could help de-escalate the situation.

I have been told that the anti-violence staff could not immediately be reached and that they arrived to the scene about an hour and a half later.

Multiple gunshots were heard ringing out on the scene, even with dozens of police officers directly on the scene.

Violent, brazen crime is taking place on a regular basis in Atlantic City in ways never before seen in the entire history of Atlantic City.

I used the term earlier that Atlantic City is becoming “Deadwood” … because the violent shooting and stabbing deaths that are occurring are reminiscent of “Deadwood,” a small city in western South Dakota, that was known for its lawlessness in the 1870’s.

In the photos below, you can see how many Atlantic City Police cars are on the scene of this violent and deadly incident.

New Jersey Governor Murphy and Jacqueline Suarez must do something about Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Small is a big part of the mounting problems that Atlantic City is presently facing.


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