So much for keeping a gem of a secret all to ourselves. Now, everybody will be flocking to Mays Landing from all over after hearing about this place.

One of the reasons we all LOVE living in South Jersey is because of our beloved local mom-and-pop shops that only us residents know about. Whether that's a bar, a small local store, or a restaurant, we all have that one place that we hold dear to our hearts that the shoobies can't touch.

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When it gets busy during the summer months, these are the places we frequent to regain our sanity. We love that the shoobies come and spend money here, but it's nice to have places that us locals can call our own.

Cue Sugar Hill Subs.

Whether you think they have the best hoagie (or sub) in South Jersey or not, you know they really do have good food. Even if you don't think they're THE BEST, you know they're one of the best.

Well, now it's only a matter of time before people from all over start making their way down into Atlantic County to try a sandwich for themselves.

You know how so many Jersey residents will make the pilgrimage to either Pat's or Geno's in South Philly for a cheesesteak? Well, watch how we slowly start to see that happen right here in Mays Landing when people want to try out Sugar Hill's sandwiches. This time, it'll be PA people coming to us.

It's all thanks to a reel that was shared to a popular Instagram account @PhilthyInPhilly. If you're from the surrounding areas, there's a good chance you follow them. Well, they shared a video from Sugar Hill that featured the Barnyard Sub and people sure did take notice.


Love this for Sugar Hill, though. They definitely deserve it.

Source: Instagram

If you're not convinced they're one of the best, you can always try one of these:

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