Move over, fans of the sugary sweets! It's salt-lovers day to shine today! Happy National Pretzel Day, ya'll!

If you plan on celebrating today, it's probably best to just forget about your diet for the day and ignore your low-carb rule. If you do that, you'll get to enjoy one of NJ's favorite snacks for free!

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In celebration of National Pretzel Day, You can take advantage of some really great freebies today! Today's your day to score some free soft pretzels from some of everybody's favorite pretzel shops TODAY ONLY. Most NJ residents might even be able to grab a free pretzel from more than one store if they play their cards right.

1.) Philly Pretzel Factory

New Jersey residents can head over to the closest Philly Pretzel Factory today and pick up one warm free soft pretzel. They even threw up a reminder on Twitter today so you wouldn't forget to stop in!

2.) Auntie Anne's

Today's the day to head on over to Auntie Anne's to get hooked up with some of the THE BEST pretzels ever. I say that because when I was little, I'd say around middle school, I would always go to the mall on Friday nights with my friends and get an Auntie Anne's pretzel and one of those sweet Chillatta drinks from Cinnabon. I've still got a soft spot for Auntie Anne's to this day. You can score a free pretzel from them today, too! There's a catch with this one, though. You have to download their app and become a rewards member to score a free pretzel here.

3.) Wetzel's Pretzels

So, this one's not as easy as just running over to a specific location, but if you happen to have one near you, and they do exist here in Jersey, then you can take advantage of the deal they have going on today. Walk into any Wetzel's location after 3p & you'll get a free pretzel.

Pretzel blessings to all those who will be celebrating!


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