UPDATE: The Hottest Housing Market In New Jersey

One of the biggest parts of "secure living" is to have your own home. Having a place you call home is the hub for having a great foundation for a happy family. Owning your own home is part of what we call "the American Dream". Over the years this dream has become a bit harder for many and more expensive for many, but there are certain areas around the nation that are considered the "hot spots" for housing and that includes right here in the Garden State.


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Realtor.com has put together a list of the best housing markets in America. According to NJ.com, "Realtor.com calculates its hotness rank based on supply and demand data on its site." In addition, "Fifteen New Jersey towns are ranked among the top 150 hottest real estate markets nationwide, according to Realtor.com."



The highest-ranking town in New Jersey is Mount Laurel at number 35. Mount Laurel had a median home listing price of $379,975. Here are other towns that ranked well in New Jersey:

Number 51: Hazlet with a median home listing price of $551,225

Number 75: Basking Ridge with a median home listing price of $940,000

Number 77: Randolph with a median home listing price of $772,225

Number 82: Montclair with a median home listing price of $1,112,125

Number 83: Towaco with a median home listing price of $790,000

Number 89: Marlton with a median home listing price of $447,150

Number 91: Ridgewood with a median home listing price of $1,183,463

There are the top New Jersey home markets. All these markets are in the Top 100 in the nation.

According to the NJ.com article, "Realtor.com determines demand based on unique views of properties on its website and supply through the number of days a property has been listed on Realtor.com. The two scores are averaged to create a hotness score and ranked."


Hottest NJ Housing Markets


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