Mansion on Middle Sedge Island Finally Comes Down As Crews Demolish This Once Gorgeous Estate Off The Coast of Toms River, New Jersey


The mysterious mansion of Middle Sedge Island. Ok, let’s clarify a few things first. The island is located between the Mantoloking Bridge and the Seaside Bridge off of Chadwick Beach Island in Toms River. It’s not a mystery to many locals, but for someone who does not know the story, like me, I find it mysterious. It’s a home, a large home ……a mansion if you will on its own island. How many tiny barrier islands are home to giant estates off the coast of New Jersey? Not many if any. The mansion had access by boat and helicopter.

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According to an article from Jersey Shore Online from several years ago, the first home was originally built by the Hankins family, famous for their boat building over the decades (circa 1912) here at the Jersey Shore. The first home was originally built on Middle Sedge Island circa 1960. The home was then sold by Hankins according to more information we received, in the 80’s a new home and caretaker's residence was built by another family (the one we see today). The original home was moved.


Charles Hankins died in 2003 and Anna Ohlau Hankins died in 2006. At one point the property was valued at 8.5 million dollars. Following the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, time, and vandalism…..the property went into bankruptcy.

According to NBC 4 in New York, the once beautiful estate is finally coming down after years in ruins. "The home and adjacent guest house on a remote Ocean County island came down about a month after crews started the demolition work in early June — the end of the line for a landmark that never recovered from Superstorm Sandy."


I’d love to know if there are any “weird” stories about this location….any odd stories about animals visiting the island. any Pirates 🏴‍☠️ in the past visit those barrier islands? And ghost 👻 sightings? Hey, it just looks like a place where paranormal activity could happen…. Take a look at photos from this once-great property ….. imagine a full renovation, it could once again be beautiful.

Here is an amazing story that an anonymous listener sent to me ……

I had rented a small house in Ocean Beach III during July 2003 on the bay side across from a marina.  One clear morning, me, my 14 yr old son & sister were kayaking far out into the bay.   All of a sudden a bad storm quickly appeared, it got real dark with thunder, lighting, rain & waves.  All the boats were coming in from the ocean passing by us but no one stopped to help us.  We were scared to death & didn't know that area of water.  The closest body of land was an island with a big house on it.  It looked like a very private, expensive island that a very famous person might own.  We paddled as fast as we could in the storm to the island.  I don't remember how we pulled our kayaks out of the water, but we ran up the steps to the house & huddled together under the covered porch by a door.  We didn't even knock on the door, we did not want to get into trouble.  We didn't want anyone to know we were there.  I was crying as the lighting was cracking all around us.  We saw a big(12"?) , round, red alarm bell above the door.  We were petrified that if we stood up or moved we would set off the alarm and get arrested.  We stayed in that huddle on the porch for about 2 hours before the sun came out again.  We decided to finally take the chance and stand up.  The alarm did not go off.  We looked into the windows & it looked like no one had been there in a long time.   Not much furniture but it looked like an awesome house.  The island had a built in pool that was covered with a black tarp and a big patio & a large boat dock with boat lifts.  I think there was a sandy beach area, that is were we might have gained access to the island.

We cried so much on the porch, but we laughed all the way back across the bay.   That day will forever live in our minds, we were so lucky.

That unknown island/house saved 3 lives that day.  I even thought to write the owners to tell them of our story and to thank them but I could not find any information on the house/address.”


Some of the Final Images We Had From Inside The Abandoned Jersey Shore Mansion


Middle Sedge Island

The Mysterious Mansion on Middle Sedge Island

Gallery Credit: Shawn Michaels


It appears that folks were very sad to see a once beautiful home become in such terrible condition. What a “shame” is a comment I’ve seen over and over. Others are saying…

  • Shana: A sad ending for a very magnificent home with a particularly beautiful view...😥👍🕯
  • Debra: Looking at the pictures. It is very sad people actually broke in and destroyed the house.
  • Kathy: Wow, what a shame!!!
  • Heather: I remember the home before it looked this way...was absolutely beautiful...I’ll never understand why people decided to destroy the inside. What was the point of ruining It?!?!?
  • Bob: Call property brothers
  • John: I always thought how great it would be to live there. I thought it was occupied. Someone could make a killing renting it out if it were fixed up.
  • Jimmy: Can't believe no1 has thought to make it a dock and dine restaurant!



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