This New Jersey Hotel Was Built Before The Revolutionary War

As you know, if you have followed my articles, I love history and I love talking about history, especially here in the Garden State. New Jersey, one of the original colonies, has a deep history that is among the oldest in American history. So this sorry about a historical New Jersey inn is something I enjoy writing about.


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For this article, we have to travel back some 313 years to approximately 1711. Well before the American Revolutionary War, a beautiful hotel was built in Hunterdon County. This inn built in Stockton, New Jersey is quite simply known as the Stockton Inn. After being closed for several years the Stockton Inn has undergone some renovations and is getting ready to reopen this summer and will feature a new restaurant.



According to the Stockton Inn website "Renovations for the long-awaited opening of the Stockton Inn are nearly complete, but there are still a few finishing touches we need to make to ensure that this 313-year-old gem stands tall for another three centuries. It won’t be long till we can open our doors and welcome you inside."


A lot is going on to reopen the historic Stockton Inn. According to, "The inn will soon be home to an upscale Italian restaurant, a tavern, and nine hotel rooms, as reported by"


There has been no word on an official reopening date, but some sources point to August as a doable opening month for the historic Stockton Inn.



Stockton Inn
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