3 More Things You Can't Recycle In New Jersey

If you remember months ago I did my first "recycling" article, it featured things you can't recycle here in the Garden State. Because I think we all get confused about what you can or cannot recycle here in New Jersey. I have always maintained that we have too much packaging in our products. There is plastic inside cardboard with styrofoam and bubble wrap etc. Every time I purchase something it has several layers of packaging and then I have to wonder if that packaging is recyclable.


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The three items I am adding to the list are things you probably will use this summer. So here are three things you cannot add to your recycling bin this summer and year-round.

  • Paper Plates: We all go through more paper plates during summertime, whether it's a picnic, a backyard barbeque, or a pizza party. Keep the paper plates in the regular trash.
  • Paper Towels: We all use paper towels for quick clean-ups and yes even though they are "paper" they do NOT go in recycling.
  • Pizza Box: Another paper product we don't add to recycling.



So as you can see all three of these items might come from one single night. Pizza on paper plates with a paper towel clean-up. All three go in regular trash. So now you know 3 additional items you can't recycle in New Jersey. Keeping these items out of the "recycle stream" will make it that much easier for folks in your town and keep our neighborhoods cleaner.





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