2 New Jersey Towns Named Among Best Waterfront Cities In America

To be honest I am surprised that only 2 New Jersey towns made the "best waterfront cities" in America list. Considering that New Jersey is a coastal state and we have numerous "beautiful" towns along the Atlantic Ocean, it surprises me we may not have had more towns join the list. From Jersey City down to Cape May, think of all the cool towns that are situated on the Ocean. Congratulations to these 2 Garden State towns for making this prestigious list.


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In a recent article from Love Exploring, "Whether strolling along a river, seeking respite in a café on a beach boulevard or enjoying amusements on a pier, waterfronts can offer one of the best escapes from the hustle and bustle of a city. From tranquil parks to thrilling attractions right by the water, we bring you the best waterfront cities in the United States."



Atlantic City

The first of the 2 "best waterfront cities" is the gaming capital of the East Coast, Atlantic City. Atlantic City is a combination of "gaming" and "boardwalk" wrapped into one. It's Vegas on a beach. "Atlantic City's Boardwalk dates back to the 1870s and still pulls in tourists today with its cute shops, ocean vistas, and a handful of casinos. Stay dry with a sunset walk or make a splash on the beach with activities such as kayaking and surfing. If you're coming with kids, there are plenty of family attractions too – the Steel Pier is sure to be a favorite." I am not a big gambler, but I enjoy walking the Atlantic City boardwalk and strolling through the casinos, and going out to dinner.




The second "waterfront" town to make the "best in America" list is a fun beach town, Wildwood. This town is known for its boardwalk and beach and is a perfect vacation spot for families. "An unmissable experience is the sprawling Morey's Piers. Covering six blocks, this beachfront amusement park has more than 100 rides and attractions as well as seasonal water parks. Founded in 1969, it offers the perfect combination of classic seaside amusements and thrilling, modern rides."



Best Waterfront Cities


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