You've heard a hundred people say that New Jersey has everything, and here's further proof of that. Did you know New Jersey even has its very own volcano?

Every time we hear about an earthquake, a volcano, or a tornado, we breathe a sigh of relief here in New Jersey because we think they don't happen here, but that's not always true.

New Jersey's Own Volcano

Although rare, and usually not on the scale of what other states deal with, we all know that tornadoes and earthquakes can and do occur in New Jersey. And we're guessing most residents aren't even aware that we do have a volcano here in the Garden State to call our very own.

It's called the Beemerville Volcano, or as it's more commonly referred to, Rutan Hill, located in Colesville in Sussex County.

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And, yes, we're talking about a volcano with lava and all the trimmings. Well, at least at one point in the Earth's history. According to New Jersey Digest, our volcano has been dormant for a while. That's of course if you consider 440 million years a while.

New Jersey's Volcano Is Now Quiet

Now let's fast-forward to the present time, where it seems like Rutan Hill poses very little geological threat to us. So what do good New Jersey people do with a dormant volcano?

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Well, we turn it into prime real estate of course. In case you're curious, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Rutan Hill from High Point State Park's trails, but the report says it's pretty inaccessible if you don't have a home or farm right in the area.

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