If you are looking for an exceptionally beautiful small town, experts say New Jersey has one of the most beautiful in America.

When you think about all the amazing and beautiful small towns scattered all over America, you know that must be a long list of great places.

The Most Beautiful Small Towns In America

A list like that might be over 200 towns long, but in a recent report at the well-respected site Travel & Leisure, you'll find a quiet, quaint, and gorgeous little New Jersey town near the very top of that list.

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New Jersey's famous resort town of Cape May has landed at #20 on their list of the most beautiful small towns in America, and that is an absolute honor for the peaceful Victorian village.

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Topping this exclusive list, and named the most beautiful small town in America, is Girdwood, Alaska.

More Beautiful Small Towns Throughout The USA

Other towns proud to be residing near the top of this list include Sedona, Arizona, Lanai City, Hawaii, and  Avalon, California.

Cape May is a lovely small town boasting some of the most beautiful Victorian-ra structures, a gorgeous beach, a stunning boardwalk, and a legendary and charming downtown shopping area known as Washington Street Mall.

Cape May also has some of the most storied and popular restaurants on the East Coast that locals and tourists alike absolutely love.

There is no doubt in my mind that Cape May has earned its place at #20 on the list of the most beautiful small towns in America.

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