There will be a lot of people all over New Jersey who are not very happy about this one. A beloved New Jersey landmark has been included on a national list of the worst tourist traps.

Let's be honest. There are tourist traps out there all over this great nation, and yes, we are sure they even exist right here in New Jersey.

Beloved NJ Attraction Gets An Unwanted Title

But when we found out which New Jersey attraction one major national website included on a list of tourist traps, we were really surprised.

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The list consisted of which roadside attraction the folks at Far & Wide considered the most boring tourist trap in each state.

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For us, that location is surprisingly found in the lovely town of Margate City. That's right, the roadside attraction we're talking about here is the beloved Lucy The Elephant.

New Jersey's Lucy The Elephant

Wait. What? The revered Lucy the Elephant, that large, legendary figure that is known by all who come near it, has been called boring, and we don't like it.

Why in the world would you pick on a huge elephant building that has been around for over 100 years and is beloved by generations of New Jersey visitors and residents alike?

No, there aren't any rides, or 3D movies, or adjoining 5-star restaurants, but there is history, and there are memories, and you can't put a value on either of those.

There are worse ways you can spend $8.50 than getting a guided tour inside Lucy, but you can still park and walk around the outside of Lucy for free.

To those who don't have nice things to say about Lucy, don't say anything. Lucy may not be Disney World, but she isn't boring. Maybe just a little shy.

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