New Jersey has a lot of cool small towns, but a major publication has named this town the coolest small town in New Jersey.

It's not easy to narrow cool New Jersey towns down to just one, but The Quick Report did its best to name the coolest small town in each state in America.

New Jersey Has Some Of America's Coolest Small Towns

What are some of the first towns that came to your mind when you heard 'cool small New Jersey towns'?

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I immediately thought of Hoboken, Red Bank, Cape May, and Ocean Grove, but I could easily have rattled off another dozen great small New Jersey towns.

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The experts in the report, however, did their research, and their choice for the coolest small town in New Jersey was the amazing Asbury Park.

Asbury Park Is An Amazing  And Cool Small Town

They cite the amazing boardwalk, the gorgeous architecture, and the musical history as some of the reasons they chose Asbury Park at the top of their list.

We'd like to add to that the amazing restaurants and shops all over Asbury Park that make it such a special place.

Over the past two decades, Asbury Park has enjoyed a resurgence to its status as one of the most beloved travel destinations on the East Coast.

There are so many great, and very cool small towns in every corner of New Jersey. We love them all, but we are glad Asbury Park is getting a bright spotlight this time around.

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