We have all kinds of restaurants in New Jersey. From family style to fancy, there is no doubt the Garden State has it all. And when it comes to expensive restaurants, our best is one of the best in the whole country.

Expensive is an interesting word when it comes to restaurants. Some are just that, expensive. Others are worth every single penny. Have you ever heard of Restaurant Latour?

New Jersey's Best Expensive Restaurant

When it comes to this conversation, we are pretty sure that the foodie experts have found that perfect balance, meaning the food is exceptional and worth every cent, but this is also a place you would want to consider for the most special of occasions.

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The experts we are talking about are the well-respected folks at Eat This Not That, who have shared some great foodie info with us over the years, and in my opinion, their choices carry a lot of weight.

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They researched restaurants throughout the country to try to determine the best expensive restaurant in each state, and their choice to represent New Jersey was a good one.

Where Is Restaurant Latour?

Get your wallet out, limber it up, and get ready for an outstanding culinary experience at a place called Restaurant Latour in Hamburg.

Check your calendar, find the next big anniversary, birthday, or special occasion, and get you and the people you love to Crystal Springs Resort for the culinary experience of a lifetime.

This is a 4-star restaurant and it is known across the world. It belongs on every single New Jersey culinary bucket list, including yours.

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