With this hot weather we've been having in New Jersey the thought of dining outside may not sound so appealing.

The last thing you want is to be sweating throughout your entire meal.

However, when the weather is right dining outside on a patio surrounded by flowers, along the water with a beautiful view, or downtown taking in all the sights and sounds around you can be extremely romantic. Do you agree?

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"At its heart, alfresco dining is a celebration of connection – to nature, to loved ones, and to the simple joys of life," according to DatingAdvice.com.

The website came out with a list of 150 romantic dining destinations across the United States and 3 places in New Jersey are on it.

3 is great, but I would think more New Jersey towns and streets would make the list. There are so many beautiful areas of New Jersey for outdoor dining.

So where are the best places in New Jersey for alfresco dining?

They surveyed 3,000 foodies who were asked what they consider to be the most romantic locations for alfresco dining and here's what they said were the top spots in New Jersey.

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New Jersey's Most Romantic Alfresco Dining Destinations

#16 - Beach Avenue, Cape May

#38 - Washington Street, Hoboken

#114 - Boardwalk Plaza - Red Bank

If you're looking to find the #1 spot you have to travel south to Savannah, Georgia, and visit the historic district where you'll find cozy cafes and great bistros along the sidewalk and courtyards.

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