There's a lot of cool stuff to check out in the Garden State.

From heading to LBI to climb to the top of the Barnegat Lighthouse to hiking High Point State Park to enjoy the tallest point of Jersey there's a lot of fun stuff to do.

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Not to mention day trips to the shore, checking out small little towns, and of course grabbing some solid grub.

But did you know that Jersey is home to one of the nation's best roadside attractions?

Usually, when you hear the term roadside attraction you think tourist trap.

Like the world's largest ball of string, or Oklahoma's biggest rocking chair, but in Jersey, our roadside attractions hit a little different.

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Lucy The Elephant Voted One Of The Top Roadside Attractions In The Country

Lucy the elephant is a sixty-foot-tall elephant that has served many different purposes over the years according to APP.

At one point, Lucy was originally called Elephant Bazaar and was built in 1881 in order to attract people to Margate.

At one point the elephant served as a tavern, and at another point in time Lucy served as a summer home for wealthy individuals.

lucy the elephant, nj best roadside attraction
Photo Credit: Google Maps

In the the late 60's, Lucy the Elephant fell into disrepair and closed for nearly twelve years. After reopening in the 70's Lucy was added to the National Landmark Registry.

We used to spend a lot of time in Margate, we have a friend who has a summer home there, and a trip to Margate is never complete without taking a few minutes to gaze in wonder at Lucy the Elephant, one of the country's coolest roadside attractions.

If you're looking for a more intense roadside attraction, these are some of Jersey's best amusement parks.

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