To think back to what life was like in 2020 seems kind of like a fever dream.

There were lockdowns, restaurants were all closed, and people weren't able to live the life we'd been used to for our entire lives.

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COVID definitely changed how the world operates, but since 2020 we've made a pretty good recovery; masks are no longer mandated, restaurants and shops are open and thriving and the world is pretty normal.

That being said, there is still the threat of catching COVID, and there's a new variant that's rearing its head in the Garden State.

Now, I'm not here to spread fear or anything I just think it's interesting that we are still finding new variants of the COVID virus to this day.

Scientists Warn Of The FLiRT Strain Of The COVID Virus This Summer

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With a name like FLiRT, you'd think it's a cute little disease right?

The FLiRT Variant actually isn't nearly as severe as other stains of COVID but it does seem to be spreading at an alarming rate this summer with cases up by about 22% this summer.

According to, symptoms of the FLiRT variant include;

What To Do If You Catch COVID This Summer

Over the past couple of years, kicking COVID has gotten easier and easier.

Right now the recommended course of action is to stay home until your symptoms go away and are fever-free for 24 hours.

If you want to be extra cautious you can wear a mask for 5 days, but it looks like the days of two-week isolations are far behind us.

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