It's always great to see some good news come out of The Garden State. Even with all the flaws, there's just something about New Jersey that makes it such a great place to be.

So much so, in fact, that certain locations throughout the state are in higher demand than others. And it's for all the right reasons.

Not long ago, WalletHub released a survey that ranked New Jersey among one of the happiest states in the nation. It might seem hard to believe, but it's true.

Despite all our gripes about traffic and high taxes, we always find a way to overlook them. If that weren't true, then we still wouldn't be living here today.

NJ beach best rated number 1 at the shore
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The quality of life here especially helps set us apart. Not only are we one of the most educated states in the nation, but New Jersey also has the best nightlife hands down.

Think about it. Where else can you grab a bite to eat at any hour of the night pretty much anywhere throughout the state?

According to Travel and Leisure, the 10 best places to live in New Jersey were compiled by "experienced local real estate experts who shared the most popular and sought-after communities in the state right now." In other words, it's where people want to live the most.

What's interesting about this list, however, is that none of the top 10 towns happen to be located in the county that's ranked the best for raising a family. Although to be fair, the counties are ranked based on overall statistics throughout its borders, and not just one town in particular.


Check out the list below of what real-estate experts say are the best towns to live in throughout the Great Garden State, followed by which New Jersey counties ranked best overall to raise a family.

These NJ towns are among the best, most sought-after places to live statewide

According to Travel & Leisure, they are the 10 best places to live in New Jersey based on data from local real estate experts.

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These were the highest median teacher salaries during the 2022-23 school year budget, according to data compiled by the New Jersey Department of Education. We begin with districts whose median salaries are at least $95,000 and work our way up to the highest median salary.

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