Maybe you already heard the news that one of New Jersey’s favorite convenience stores, Wawa, is now going to be offering pizza. I wrote about this back in July.

But if you hadn’t heard this news, Wawa wanted to make sure that you did. So they figured who better to get the word out that they would now be serving up a fresh New Jersey staple than some New Jersey guys.

OK, at least guys people thought were from New Jersey even if they weren’t.

Yes, I’m talking about DJ Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and Vinny Guadagnino from “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” fame. I mean these guys would have to know their pizza, right?

Wasn’t it The Situation (let’s just call him The Sitch) who once tipped a pizza guy with some protein powder on the old MTV reality show?

So they were in New Jersey at a Wawa to film a commercial not long ago. Now that the commercial is released I just have to share this compelling, genius dialogue that was written for them.

Let me set the stage. It starts with Pauly discovering that “Wawa has pizza!”

He looks to his friend. I’m so sorry, bro, of course, I meant bro.

Pauly: “Yo Vin! Wawa has pizza!”

Vin: “Wawa has pizza?”

Pauly: “Yeah Wawa has pizza and it’s made fresh!”

Vin: “Yo! Wawa has pizza! Yo Mike! Wawa has pizza!”

There he is, biceps twelve times bigger than his brain, taking in this magical moment and processing it. You can see the actor thinking.

The Sitch: “Wawa has pizza!?”

Pauly: “And it’s made fresh!”


The Sitch: “Hey everybody! Wawa has pizza!”

Pauly: “And it tastes great!”

All together: “Wawa has pizza!”

The nuance is so beautiful here. Three swaggering geniuses, on their way to a Mensa gathering no doubt, stopping for just a small bite to eat when their night suddenly holds deeper possibility.

Will they take their good fortune at the word of a friend or will they have doubt and wrestle with what may be? The dynamics, the layering, what a work of art!

Then the dialogue. Has a more eloquent script ever been realized? Makes “Othello” look foolish, does it not?

Our lead discovers that Wawa has pizza, and he shares this news with a disbelieving associate who quickly embraces the epiphany that, yes, Wawa has pizza. It’s made fresh. The last character in this drama is brought into the fold and learns… Wawa has pizza. Also, that it’s fresh. And, you know, that they have it.

They leave in chorus, in harmony, together proclaiming that, yo, Wawa has pizza. What a stunning metaphor for a country divided and the common denominator that can save us all. That Wawa…has…pizza. And it’s…fresh.

How long did these masters of their thespian craft need to study their lines? Boffo! They’ve pushed the art to its very limits.

I couldn’t leave you without seeing this work of art for yourself. Take a look!

If this doesn’t win a Clio there is zero justice in the universe.

Also? Wawa has pizza.

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