You would be both envious and a little sad for people who grew up in Medford Lakes.

Envious because life there is so sweet, peaceful, and surrounded by beautiful nature and architecture. Sad, because just about any other place you live when you grow up would be a disappointment.

Coming up in a few weeks is their annual Canoe Carnival and all of the festivities that go along with the event.

The town is littered with campaign sings right now of candidates for Mr. and Miss Canoe Carnival. They are traditionally crowned at Beach #3 two weeks before the Canoe carnival which is held this year on August 7.

It takes place on the first Saturday in August and has been a yearly tradition in this town since 1931. You have to be a resident or guest of someone who belongs to the Medford Lakes Colony Club.

I have never been, but my kids have, and it is the social highlight of the summer season here. Families and groups decorate canoe floats with various themes from pop culture and current events. We should all be so lucky to grow up in this quaint, friendly and idyllic little town in New Jersey.

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