Swifties have battled Ticketmaster for months — first during the chaos of ticket sales, then when the U.S. Senate held a hearing regarding the company's ticket-selling practices. Now, one Taylor Swift fan says her Eras Tour tickets were stolen by a hacker right on the Ticketmaster app!

"Someone just hacked into my Ticketmaster account and transferred both of my Taylor Swift tickets to them[selves]. The concert is less than a month away, and I've had the tickets since November," the fan shared via text in a TikTok video, which has since gone viral.

"Please make this go viral so Ticketmaster will see this and help me get my tickets back," she pleaded.

"I already have my outfit," she captioned the video. Watch below:

In the comments, some fans related to the unfortunate experience, such as one person who shared, "This happened with my Loverfest tickets. I just called Ticketmaster, and they were able to fix it!"

Another person noted that ticket theft happened to "a lot of people" during Loverfest, and that calling Ticketmaster would be the fan's best bet to resolve the issue.

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Thankfully, in an update video, the fan revealed she got both her tickets back.

She explained that she discovered the hack when she received four emails about a transfer to someone named Jake, which she did not authorize. She also shared she had a "good password" and even used "two-step ID," but never received any text or email from the two-factor authentication feature during the hack.

"I did what everybody said to do and what Google said to do, and none of it worked. No one ever answered phone calls of mine, besides the stadium [who] told me they couldn't help me. No one replied back to my emails," she lamented.

In the end, the fix came when she DMed the Ticketmaster Fan Support account on Twitter.

"I gave them my information [and] they did end up reaching out to me. Some guy named Austin on the phone for Ticketmaster ended up helping me, so thank you, Austin! He's a blessing. You saved my life," she said.

The process to retrieve her stolen tickets only took about "10 minutes," according to the fan, and both tickets were successfully transferred back to her account.

In the comments section, one person joked that the culprit was probably Swift's ex, actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

"This is something he would do," they wrote.

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