It's generally customary for wedding guests to get the bride and groom gifts. However, one bride on Reddit was called "entitled" after she told guests she and her fiancé were only expecting one type of gift at their wedding: cash money!

The bride's demand made its way onto the forum when someone shared a screenshot of the couple's wedding website.

"We do not have a registry due to having two households coming together. We will expect gifts though. We do prefer monetary gifts instead of material items," the bride wrote, according to a photo on Reddit.

She explained she and her future husband have "a number of housing projects" in the works they need money for, including replacing their windows from 1989 and "finishing up" their back deck.

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Users in the comments slammed the bride-to-be for demanding money from her guests.

"Well, lately in all the weddings I've been to, the bride and groom asked for money gifts instead of material stuff because they already had been living together and didn't need household items. It's not that uncommon here in Italy to give an envelope with money (La Busta!). But! This is written in such an... entitled way. No. This is not how it's done," one person wrote.

"I personally have always thought it was rude to ask for gifts of any kind. If someone asks about a registry & the couple say they have all household things, then most people will give cash, gift cards like gas, food, etc. But if someone asks for cash to replace their windows (we saved & paid for it, ourselves and ours were from 1989 and we have 22 windows), or ask for money for a honeymoon...forget it. You will get a gift card for the closest grocery store, restaurant or gas. It's rude and tacky," someone else commented.

"Well that's the quickest way for me to give you absolutely nothing," another chimed in.

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