A woman on Reddit is refusing to pay for her friend's bachelorette party, which is finally taking place a year after the wedding she wasn't even invited to.

The woman says that she and her "best friend," who got married in July 2022, have been close for 15 years, and had always "talked about being involved with each other's weddings growing up."

"Well, she got engaged and married extremely fast to her current husband. Within a year of dating ... and I say fast because in May 2022 she was thinking of breaking up with him," she wrote via her Reddit post.

"Then got engaged a month later and the wedding a month after that. The wedding was so fast that I wasn’t even invited to it and it was a small thing for her and his family only. Which was a bit hurtful being my closest friend and all but that was fine and their choice," she continued.

The woman says that in the year since the wedding, she and her friend "haven't talked much," so she was a little surprised when another friend of the bride told her she was trying to "plan a 'late bachelorette weekend' for her with only [three] of us."

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"Originally there was supposed to be [four] going and the plan was to split the cost between the [four] of us for a hotel and things like that," she explained, adding that the other friend asked her to split the cost of the weekend with her 50/50 so the bride wouldn't have to "pay for any of it as a gift to her."

"And I straight up said no because it isn’t actually a bachelorette event but instead to me just a random girls' night. Back when my best friend was getting married I offered to plan a bachelorette party to which she told me 'no I just don’t think there is enough time until the wedding,'" the woman recalled.

Users in the comments section rallied behind the frustrated woman, arguing that her friend missed out on her opportunity to have a bachelorette party when she declined the initial offer before her wedding a year ago.

"It’s a bit rude to try for a do over a year later and expect you to pay for it!" one person wrote.

"She had her chance at a bachelorette party. It's gone. Now it's just a girls' weekend. All [women] should pay," someone else chimed in.

"She's married. She doesn't get a bachelorette party now because she regrets not having one. If she wanted one, the time to have it was before the wedding. That was when she was a bachelorette. Now she has to wait until she gets divorced and gets married again. Then she can have a bachelorette party," another commented.

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