A woman on Reddit is paranoid that her mother-in-law and cousin are planning to cause a scene at her wedding.

The woman explained that throughout the planning process, her fiancé's mom has complained about everything from the price of the hotel to the woman's mom walking her down the aisle, as she feels her husband should do it.

With all the complaints leading up to the big day, the woman has been left feeling. Now, she's convinced her partner's cousin will be getting engaged at her wedding with some help from her mother-in-law.

"My partner has this cousin. She’s our age and is also very conniving. I have recently been picking up hints that they intend to get engaged at our venue and that my mother in law is in on it," she wrote via Reddit, adding that her "partner who is very good at putting his mom in her place is convinced I’m being paranoid."

The bride-to-be noted that every time the wedding is brought up, her mother-in-law and cousin "give each other a little smirk." Her cousin even told her that she wants a "special weekend away with her partner" and won't be bringing her kids to the wedding.

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"She said they plan on getting engaged in 2024 (the year we get married) and then looks at me smiling. She wants a big fancy engagement. She's even said she wants it to be a big party but they are basically homeless and are always in a financial struggle so I don’t get how she will do this but she is insisting she will. Maybe they are just messing with me but I just feel so uneasy," the woman concluded.

Users in the comments section tried to comfort the bride, with many suggesting she disinvite the cousin from the ceremony.

"I’d uninvite from the wedding based upon the history with her alone, let alone potentially getting engaged at your wedding. She’s a cousin! Uninvite her from your wedding and lives and be done with it," one person wrote.

"If they get engaged at your wedding, get your family to say loudly how tacky can you be to get engaged at someone else's wedding. How cheap do you have to be where you hijack someone else's party? Get them to say it loudly enough where everyone hears and then boot them out," another commented.

"Your fiancé can either talk to his mom about this now, or agree to stick to any consequences you choose should this occur, up to and including you never speaking to his mom again and announcing a pregnancy at his cousin's wedding," someone else shared.

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